Full Stop Reviews Supplement: Summer 2021 (PDF)

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The five features in this issue of the Full Stop Reviews Supplement optimistically find in instances of black art and in black life practices of world building. They attest that such worlds are built not only in works of black art, but around them, in the social relations that give them form, and that they give form to: in long conversations, in letters exchanged, in the proximity of sweaty clubs and houses of prayer, in sub-cultures large and small flourishing in the cracks of the oppressively present world. And they, along with the thirty-two reviews by thirty-two reviewers of books from thirty-two different small presses also included in this issue, experiment with public literary criticism, treating writing about reading as an opportunity to place oneself in intimate relationships with the words and worlds of another and to be infused and informed and deformed and reformed by them.

Featuring works by:

  • Ashon Crawley
  • Leora Fridman
  • Ayden LeRoux
  • Jamika Ajalon
  • Dhanveer Singh Brar
  • And more!
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