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Full Stop Quarterly: Winter 2017/2018

The pieces you will find in this issue of the Full Stop Quarterly address not just the end, but perhaps what happens after: what happens after borders have been erased or at least muddled beyond recognition, after lives have been threatened or wiped out, after The Big One hits and our cities sink beneath the waves. If speculative fiction can teach us anything, it’s that the end of the world is only the end of a world, after all. Perhaps humans will find another home in space, or perhaps we will finally turn our eyes back to the earth, back to our stories, and realize that we are firmly embedded in this soil. But we don’t have to wait, these writers will tell us. We can do this now.


  • Justin Allen on Yuri Herrera's border trilogy.
  • KV Luce on subcultures and terrorism.
  • Eric Van Hoose on the paradoxes of novel writing.
  • Jacob Kahn on reading and writing the climate crisis.
  • Alex Colston on DIY's Pied Piper economy.
  • Andrew Madigan on George Lippard.
  • Justin Erickson on the purpose of space exploration.
  • Allison Noelle Conner on the revolutionary zombie.
  • Art by Jenifer Evans.

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Full Stop Quarterly: Winter 2017/2018

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